At Hynes Law Group, in addition to a traditional full consultation, we offer a free 15-20 phone or video consult to determine if we can best serve your needs.  If you choose the full consultation, the cost of the consult will be deducted from any services that you hire Hynes Law Group for.

In keeping up with cutting edge technology, and the rigorous schedule of our clients’ full time jobs and other obligations, we offer alternate methods of meeting to convenience our clients. For example, our initial consult can take place VIA PHONE or VIA SKYPE. We find that this helps our clients whom do not have the time to drive to our office for an in-person meeting. If you are interested in an alternate form of consultation, please let us know!

Here is a breakdown of the types of consults that we offer at Hynes Law Group:

Free Consultation

  • Phone call or video conference with attorney (15-20 minutes)
  • Brief discussion of problem that client is facing
  • Cursory discussion of the legal issues relevant to consultation (no actual legal advice will be given)
  • Explanation of the services that law firm offers

Full Consultation

  • Meeting with an attorney (90-120 minutes)
  • Intake of pertinent client information
  • Detailed discussion of legal issues relevant to consultation
  • Detailed review of all steps necessary for the client to take
  • Recap of the meeting and next steps